Our Mission

Our Mission

For more than 160 years Catholic schools have enriched communities through the education of students rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

 It is our faith in Jesus Christ that is the foundation of our system of education.  We want our students to encounter the Lord in their studies, to encounter His goodness and His love, His compassion and His concern in every aspect of their learning, development and experience.


“What do I desire?
What do I want?
Why do I speak?
Why do I live?

if not
for this reason:

that together we might

live with Christ.” 

                            … St. Augustine

Our Vision

The vision statement for the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board is...

Let Your Light Shine

Mission Statement

Committed to a vibrant Catholic education, we ensure quality learning experiences through community partnerships that nurture each student in body, mind and spirit and embrace the teachings of Christ, giving witness to Gospel values.

Our Logo

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board Logo

The Symbolism of our Logo

  • The circle symbolizes the world, our vocation is to redeem our world by promoting peace, justice and the sacredness of all human life.
  • The dove represents the Holy Spirit, who transforms us personally and socially.
  • The cross represents the sign of our faith and our redemption.
  • The two helping hands represent a support and a bridge which we draw from our faith.
  • The two people signify the communal partnership which is the source and the strength of Catholic education.

Belief Statement

We Believe…

In being Christ-centred in all that we do, ensuring that Catholic values and teachings are woven through every dimension of the students’ learning experience, giving particular focus to social justice and living a faith-filled life.

In the constant striving for excellence in everything we do through continuous improvement strategies and being progressive and future-oriented in our planning and change management approaches.

Each child is a gift from God and has the potential to grow, to develop and to contribute.  Each person is worthy of our respect, is to be included and is to be treated fairly and with dignity.

Our staff and volunteers are our most important resource.  It is through their commitment and dedication that Catholic students can deepen the practice of their faith and realize their individual potential.

In the importance of collaborative strategies and partnerships that have the capacity to bring all the community’s resources together to support the learning and development of each student.

In being accountable to our stakeholders for the resources that we use, the decisions that we make and the outcomes that we achieve.