Catholic Culture of Deep Caring...


Catholic Culture of Deep Caring

The Catholic faith is not only part of our curriculum within Catholic schools.  It is a way of life and being which we strive to make real and tangible, in every aspect of our shared life.  Several years ago, in consultation with our parent community, deanery, staff and students, we identified ten key virtues reflecting the qualities of character which we desire to see alive in all persons who comprise our Catholic educational communities.  Although all of these virtues, and others as well, are integral to our life throughout the year, we have chosen to focus on, and practice in a particular way, one virtue each month.

virtues of deep caring

In addition, the many local and international charity and social justice causes supported by staff and students in our schools, reflect a truly Catholic Culture of Caring.  Just a few of the many organizations supported by our schools are: the Holy Childhood Association, Development and Peace, Friends of the Orphans Canada, Habitat for Humanity, the local Foodbanks, and Free the Children.