Catholic Graduate Expectations



The graduate is expected to be:



A Discerning Believer Formed in the Catholic Faith Community discerning believer

• I believe that it is important for me to share God’s story with others through how I live

• I believe that God journeys with me through life, sustaining me through all things, especially when I might falter or fail

• I’m a believer. I will live my life like Jesus  

An Effective Communicator effective communicator

• I believe that what I say and how I say it matters

• I believe that the Gospels have important lessons for how I speak and listen to others

• I have a voice 

A Reflective, Creative and Holistic Thinker holistic thinker

• I believe that the contributions I have to make to society, big or small, do make a difference

• I believe that why I do things is just as important as what I do

• I believe that what I learn in school helps me to become a better person. It teaches me the skills, values and insights to build a more just and compassionate society 

A Self-Directed, Responsible, Lifelong Learner lifelong learner

• I believe that it is important for me to remain flexible in how I learn and in the goals I set for myself

• I believe that when I exercise responsible leadership I can set a positive example for others

• I believe that it is important for me to live a healthy and balanced life

A Collaborative Contributor collaborative contributor

• I believe that I have a responsibility to develop my own gifts for the benefit of others

• I believe that it is important to set goals in life and work towards them for the good of all

• I believe that God has given each of us unique gifts and calls each of us to use them for the benefit of others and God’s greater glory 

A Caring Family Member caring family member

• I believe that through prayer our family stays connected to God and each other

• I believe that school, because it’s like a second home, is a place for me to show how much I care for my fellow students

• I believe that the family, in all its shapes and sizes, is where we learn best to serve others and understand we can contribute to a better world 

A Responsible Citizen responsible citizen

• I believe that I am called to be a witness to my students and staff, not only by what I say, but by how I try to live my life, demonstrating a commitment to social justice and respect for all persons

• I believe that I am accountable for my actions and that I can learn from my mistakes, and when I fall short, I’m still a good person

• I believe that our Catholic faith grounds us in our efforts to serve, morally and effectively, for the greater good 


  “When we graduate a student,

        we don’t ask ‘what did you learn,’

              but ‘who did you become?’”

                                       Sister Clare Fitzgerald