Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Catholic School Supporter?

In Ontario, only Roman Catholics who own or rent property are legally entitled to direct their property school support to the English-Separate school system.

How can a Catholic become a Catholic School Supporter?

You can contact your local board office and we will send you an "Application for Direction of School Support" form or you can download one from this site. Once you have signed and returned the form, we will file it with the appropriate assessment office.

How do I find out if I am registered as an English- Catholic supporter?

  • Contact the Catholic Education Centre at (519) 364-5820 and we can look up the information for you.

  • Check your Request for Enumeration Information Card you received in the mail. Make sure the column titled "Roman Catholic" is checked ‘Yes'. Under the "School Board Support" column, make sure you have checked the ‘English-Catholic' box.

  • Check your Property Assessment Notice to make sure it states ‘English-Catholic' under the "School Support Designation" area.

(Note: Designation as a "French-Catholic" supporter will not give you the same voting rights as English-Catholic)

We don't have any children. Is there a need to direct our support?

Yes. Education taxes are paid whether you have children or not. If you do not direct your support, you are automatically considered a Public supporter. Supporting the Catholic education system allows you to take part in running/voting for Catholic school trustee during municipal elections.

We jointly own/rent property, but one of us is not Catholic. Can we still be Separate School supporters?

Yes. In order to be Catholic School supporters, you must complete the Catholic School Assessment Lease form. This form allows the Catholic to direct the school support to the Catholic School Board.

Can non-Catholics become Catholic School supporters?

No. Ontario legislation gives only Catholics the option to be Catholic School supporters.

I am not Catholic but I am sole owner of the property. My spouse, however, is Catholic. Can we direct our support to Catholic schools?

Yes. To do so, complete a Catholic School Lease form which allows the Catholic spouse to direct the school support to the Catholic School Board. This makes the Catholic spouse the tenant for school support purposes only.

Our children attend a Catholic elementary school, but one will be attending Public high school in the Fall. Are we still able to continue supporting Catholic schools?

Yes. If you were already a Catholic School supporter, your support will continue to be with the Catholic system. School support is linked only to the attendance rights for elementary education.

Is it necessary for me to designate myself as a Catholic School supporter each time I change my place of residence?

Yes. You must declare yourself a Catholic and a Catholic School supporter each time you move. The direction of school support only applies to the residence at which you live when you declared your support.

Why is my support important?

  • It is a public record of the extent of support for Catholic schools;

  • It is used to determine the number of trustees to be elected to each board to represent the interests of parents and other ratepayers;

  • It supports board population projections, which affect funding for new pupil places;

  • Should authority to tax be returned to local school boards in the future, a complete assessment base will be critical.

As a supporter, what is in it for me?

  • Voting/Election rights. As an English-Catholic supporter, you are able to vote or run for trustee. You must simply indicate you are an English-Catholic school supporter on your enumeration form when you receive it.

  • Record of support for Catholic schools. Directing your support to the Catholic system shows the government that 1) you support your local Catholic schools; 2) you want to see the existence of Catholic schools continue, and 3) you want to ensure your Catholic schools are provided with equitable resources.

  • Trustee representation. The amount of support is used to determine the number of trustees to be elected to represent you and your interests.

Why should I direct my support to the Catholic education system?

It is your right to direct your school support to the Catholic system. The Catholic education system is dedicated to instilling values in our students, within a safe, caring and supportive environment. Our schools provide students with an opportunity to express their faith. It is our duty to assist students in becoming effective communicators, discerning believers, collaborative contributors, caring family members, and responsible citizens.