Family Life Education

"The glory of God is man and woman fully alive"

St. Irenaeus

We and our children need to know that God does not simply tolerate us, but God LOVES us with a love that wills us to have "life to the full" (John 10.10). To live in this way, is to have a healthy, Christ-like attitude towards life, with proper attitudes towards sexuality and mature personal relationships.

Family Life takes very seriously the words of Pope John Paul II, that love is the fundamental and innate vocation of every human person.

The Family Life Education addresses, along with Religious Education, those areas that matter most in a young person’s life. The "Fully Alive" Family Life Program of the Ontario Bishops, explores these topics through five themes:

Theme One: Created and Loved By God
The opening theme of each program focuses on the person, who is created out of love in the image and likeness of God and destined for eternal life. Fully Alive treats this Christian belief about our origin and destiny as the foundation of the program. The dignity and meaning of each human life is addressed in this theme.

Theme Two: Living in Relationship
In Theme 2, the relational nature of the human person, a reflection of God, the supreme model of relationship, is presented. It is within the family that each person learns the first lessons about love, generosity, trust, commitment, and loyalty. These lessons are fundamental not only for future relationships but for a sense of personal identity and self-worth. As well as th experience of family, the meaning, importance, and joys of friendship are presented in this theme.

Theme Three: Created Sexual: Male and Female
Theme 3 begins from the conviction that sexuality is a fundamental component of personality. This means that our sexuality – who we are as men and women - is not simply our genitals and their functions. It is a part of our whole identity as children of God. In this theme, the goodness of our sexuality is presented in its procreative and relational dimensions.

Theme Four: Growing in Commitment
In this theme, God’s call to faithfulness is explored. To be human is to act freely - to make decisions, choices, and promises. The most significant human actions are those that involve relationships with others and with god. Learning to be faithful, trustworthy, dependable, and committed is a life-long challenge that begins in childhood.

Theme Five: Living in the World
The final theme of fully Alive turns to the human society in which each person is born, lives, and works. Earthly existence is not our ultimate end, but it is through living in the world that we realize the intentions of our Creator. This theme stresses the goodness of the world and examines the meaning of human activity and its consequences for human society. The many influences of human society on the individual are also explored.