Co-Operative Education

What is it?

Cooperative education and experiential learning programs such as job shadowing and industry tours offer students opportunities to expand their interests, explore their career options and apply their learning.

Cooperative education is a planned learning experience in the community that complements and enhances what is being taught in school. It provides students with an opportunity to learn and to apply their skills and knowledge in a workplace situation.

Courses in various disciplines may be offered through the cooperative education program, which can benefit all students, whatever their postsecondary destination. Students receive credit based on evaluations of their performance in the work placement. The place of employment is decided upon mutually by the student and teacher. Students must spend a minimum of 100 hours in a work placement and ten hours in pre-employment activities to gain a credit.

Students normally spend half of a school day at the placement and thus are eligible to earn two credits while some students may spend the entire school day at a placement, earning up to five credits.
Students may also choose to participate in an Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). A student 16 years old or older can work towards becoming an apprentice in the workplace while completing his or her high school diploma.

How Employers Can Get Involved

Participation in a Co-operative Education program has many benefits for students and employers alike. For employers, the following are some of the benefits available to them as a result of their participation:

1) development and training of potential workers
2) gain added ideas and insights that students provide
3) added support provided by students for completion of a special project etc
4) share expertise with students
5) provide valuable leaning experience for students

Employers who wish to get involved or simply to get more information should contact the secondary school in their area

Sacred Heart High School
450 Robinson Street
Walkerton, ON
N0G 2V0
Contact :

St. Mary's High School
555 15th St E
Owen Sound, ON
N0G 2V0